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Privacy Policies Information Collection and Use This privacy policy explains how Felivic Proofreading receives and protects payments, texts and personal information. Felivic Proofreading respects everyone's right to personal privacy. Information is collected and used only as disclosed in this privacy policy.
Intellectual Property
You maintain ownership and copyright over all of your materials. Additionally, Felivic Proofreading does not require credit or acknowledgement beyond the fees for services rendered. Although, it is a commonly accepted practice for some writers to credit us as their professional editor and this is always appreciated.
Confidentiality and Security

Felivic Proofreading guarantees that no part of your text submitted for proofreading or editing will be compromised, disclosed, appropriated by or shared with anyone for any reason whatsoever. Unless requested otherwise, files may be deleted after sixty days. If you require a separate non-disclosure agreement, they may contact Felivic Proofreading. Due to our strict confidentiality policies, Felivic Proofreading does not release your information or the titles of edited materials.
Ownership and Copyright of Business Names and Website Content
The Felivic Proofreading website, any subsidiary websites and the business name Felivic Proofreading are owned and operated by Felivic Proofreading. Copyright and trademark law protect all material on this site and subsidiary sites including services, images, policies, copy and costs. The name Felivic Proofreading and the website content cannot be used, reproduced, transmitted or modified without the permission of Felivic Proofreading.